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You should definately have a stop loss in place to manage your risk. For a time frame of 5 to 10 years I would be looking at a trailing stop loss of 20% to 25% off the recent high. Another type of stop you could use is a volatility stop. Here the more volatile the stock the larger the stop whilst the less volatile the stock the smaller the stop. Stop Loss - Financial Dictionary Stop loss is an instrument establishing the price at which an investor is going to sell stock.Stop losses are typically employed to protect long positions, limiting the amount of loss if a trade goes against the investor.There are two kinds of stop loss: regular and backup exit. With the first option, the investor will keep the stop loss close to the current market price. What is a stop loss in the sharemarket? - Quora There are 2 types of stop loss orders i.e. a Stop Loss Market Order and a Stop Loss Limit Order 1) What is a stop loss limit order or SL-L order? The primary objective of a stop loss order as the name suggests is to STOP A LOSS. The importance of

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PROGRESSIVE STOP-LOSS. Stop-loss is mostly referred to a loss situation. This should not be the case. Stop-loss can also be used to a trader's advantage in a profitable trade when prices are moving the direction he wanted them to. A Protective Stop-loss level can be changed in the direction of the stock price. Where Should I Set my Stop Loss Orders? // Stop loss ... Jul 01, 2016 · Where Should I Set my Stop Loss Orders? // Stop loss explained, Stop loss stocks, Stop loss options Trading and investing limit order Want more help? Contact me at davidmoadel @ gmail . com Plenty Limiting Losses [ Understanding Penny Stocks ] Effective use of stop loss orders has seen some penny stock portfolios post a trading profit, despite winning on only 30% of trades. This is because the losses from the 70% of losing trades were very limited, while the gains were allowed to ride, and out paced the minimal losses. Three Steps to Limiting Losses (opinion, not advice) Why I Don't use a Stop Loss on Stocks - YouTube

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What Percentage Should I Set for a Stop Loss When ... Stop-loss orders allow traders to limit their losses in the stock market. Selecting the best price level for a stop-loss can be one of the most important trading decisions a stock investor makes. Some traders use a percentage of their profit target to set order levels, but different strategies can be better suited to